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If the sound outside my office window is to be believed, civilization is built by jackhammers. It is, in a word, noisy as fuck out there. Fortunately for me, I have large headphones and colleagues who know where all the cool stuff on the internet is kept. One such thing is this gorgeous, interactive illustration by Australian technical artist, Alexander Perrin.

The premise is simple: use your arrow keys to ferry a load of fez-sporting cats from station to station in your beautiful old tram. Along the way, you get to take in the meticulously drawn scenery, listen to the beautiful ambient soundtrack (full disclosure: I left it on in the background all day), and marvel at all the detail, from the changes in perspective as you change elevation to the sound of the cats' footsteps. It's ludicrously relaxing. You should go check it out now.

A Short Trip by Alexander Perrin

#art #internet #illustration

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