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I have what might be considered a...contentious...relationship with fashion. On the one hand, I think it is a horrible, elitist institution that is actively designed to make people feel bad. It inspires people to feel terrible about their bodies, their faces, their bank accounts. It's weird and expensive and frivolous, and it makes me incredibly angry that it continues to be such a moneymaking juggernaut when it's so toxic for so many people.

On the other hand...the existence of the fashion industry means we have people with the skills and resources to create things like this:

God DAMMIT, Gucci. You make it so hard to hate your stupid industry when you insist upon creating such staggeringly beautiful things, like this glorious confection for everyone's favorite Icelandic pixie shamaness, Bjork. Let's have another look:

This dress. This fucking dress. This gorgeous unicorn snowflake daydream is the centerpiece of Bjork's latest video, The Gate, and took more than 870 hours (including 320 hours spent embroidering tiny pearls and crystals all over it) to assemble--for a little context, it took about 160 hours to create the dress that Our Lady of Beyonce sported at the 2017 Grammys. It's absurd and indulgent and I couldn't love it more. I only wish that the fashion industry spent more time creating things like this, instead of trying to convince women that turnip sacks with giant cut-outs are actually a great look. Bring me rhinestones! Majesty! 20 meters of PVC and silk organza! Build me a dream!

Take a look at this video to get a closer look at how this beautiful monstrosity came to be.

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